Doson Resort & Casino - Zone 3, Doson District, Haiphong City, Vietnam

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Outdoor Pool

A contemporary conference room and event space for a maximum of 350 people. It is easily divided into three sections for smaller meetings, workshops or receptions. Extras include five booths for simultaneous interpretation, and an exhibition area.
The free-form swimming pool is absolutely an ideal place for those who enjoy swimming. Guests can relax or sunbathe on chairs and shelters around.
Regulations of Doson Resort & Casino’s swimming pool

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

1.All the guests who stay at Doson Resort Hotel and its member should present room card or member card to swimming pool rescuer before using swimming pool.

2.Swimmers should conform to all regulations of swimming pool and the instructions of swimming pool rescuer..

3.Swimmers who suffered from dermatological and infectious disease are banned to swim in our swimming pool.

4.In order to keep swimming pool clean and fresh, please rinse out before swimming.

5.The following acts of guests are banned in the premise of swimming pool:

- Spitting.
- Discourteous behaviors.
- Endangerment, harassment or influence on others
- Dumping wastes, papers and rubbishes, causing pollution of swimming pool, dumping waste at stipulated dustbin.
- Smoking and eating in the premise of swimming pool.

6. Under 12 year old children are not allowed to swim without accompany of adults, each adult only accompany with 2 children.

7. In case of bad weather, Doson resort hotel swimming pool can stop working without prior notification.

8. Guests who stay at Doson Resort Hotel, member and walk-in guests can swim at hotel swimming pool.

- For guests who stay at the hotel and member: Free of charge

- For walk-in guests: the following charge shall be applied:

Adult : 180.000 VND
Child : 90.000 VND

Swimmers of hotel swimming pool shall be entitled to use FOC shampoo, bath gel and shower towel.

9. Daily Serving time:

Beginning at: 07:00
Ending at: 22:00

10.Doson Resort Hotel, based on actual status, can modify and change Regulation of swimming pool at a time.

11. Swimmers are strictly requested to conform to this regulation.

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